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A LETTER TO DAVID - Thoughts on Improving Representative’s Productivity (412 KB PDF)

"Dear David:
The other day in our management meeting you asked a very important question. That is, you asked just exactly how do you improve Representative productivity? ..."


A Book Review of "What Every Great Salesperson Knows" (39 KB PDF)

This new text by Robert Arzt and Howard Russell is appropriately subtitled "A No-Nonsense Guide for Sales Success." It is available through


A Tribute to O. Alfred Granum

This is a video tribute to the contributions and career of O. Alfred Granum by Dr. Barry Alberstein. It appears on the American College Northwestern Mutual Granum Center for Financial Security web site. This wed site contains a substantial number of audio and videos on the value of the One Card System and O. Alfred Granum's contributions to the financial services industry.







Practical Tips on Building a Clientele from Barry Alberstein on Vimeo.


Three Keys to a Successful Career from Barry Alberstein on Vimeo.


Clientbuilding Through Systems from Barry Alberstein on Vimeo.


The Value of New Clients from Barry Alberstein on Vimeo.


The Benefits of Client Builder Meetings from Barry Alberstein on Vimeo.