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What Others Are Saying

"Barry’s combination of a doctorate in clinical psychology, an MBA and his vast experience in the industry, sets him apart. I believe he intimately and completely understands not only the art and the science of the business, but has a mastery of the psychology of both producer and consumer. His integrity, professionalism and sense of caring add further to his unique credentials. I might also add that his personality and sense of humor make him a pleasure to work with – I consider Barry a trusted professional colleague and close personal friend."

O. Alfred Granum, CLU
Creator of The One Card System
Author of Building a Financial Services Clientele
John Newton Russell award recipient
GAMA International Hall of Fame Member
Chair Honoree, The American College

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"I have known and worked with Barry for several years and his unique insights and talents are surpassed only by his integrity. I wholeheartedly applaud you for your choice to work with him."

James J. Person, CFP®, ChFC, CLU
Past President, GAMA International

"Barry and I started working together after I heard him speak at MDRT's Court of the Table session in 2005. Before Barry took the microphone for his presentation, I asked him about a difficult situation I had with an employee in my office in which he prescribed a solution which was a true 'bull's-eye'. Since then, Barry has helped me monthly with his keen insight on problem solving and closing cases as well as refocusing my office for productivity. Barry is practical, smart and has a great deal of experience with which he continues to help me in my practice."

Douglas R. Peete, ChFC
Past Chairman, MDRT Top of the Table

"Thank you very much! You were very helpful this week. I had the pleasure of hearing you talk at Northwestern Mutual's Fastrack academy in 2004. You …….really seem to 'get it' and can directly impact us as agents."

Matthew Elwood, RIA


Comments about the Web based CAM System:



O. Alfred Granum, CLU


"The Albersteins have developed an outstanding web based software system that captures both the philosophy and the business model of the OCS.  I see this innovative software as the next step in the natural development of both my research and the OCS. I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly endorse The Career Activity Management (CAM) System as the modern continuation of my work."

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Other Endorsements:

"Since our introduction of the CAM System in December, 2009, we have experienced a significant and consistent increase in advisor retention. Our fourth year retention has grown from 22% pre-CAM to 47% today (2014). Put simply, we can now hire 16-18 people each year and assume that half will stay.

The half that has stayed is invariably the group that has been the most engaged in the CAM System and adopted the habit of daily usage. We have had NO terminations from anyone using the CAM System at or above 50 points per month. CAM was a long term investment that has paid increasing dividends and will soon pay much greater profits as those advisors develop to impact the "top line.'

Murray Parks, CFP, CLU, ChFC
Freedom 55 Financial
Regional Director, Toronto Financial Centre
London Life


"CAM has proven to be a great tool for our agency, truly field-centric, highly logical and easy to use. Built by people who really understand our industry, they also know how to provide exceptional customer service. I can recommend it without hesitation. "

Kelly Kidwell
Pacific Advisors, The Guardian Life Insurance Company


" In true measurable hours, I can easily say that the CAM system saves me 4 hours of work each week. Based on my hours worked and compensation in 2012, I'd estimate that to be a minimum of $225 of savings each week. This efficiency is only improving as my assistant is now printing my follow up reports and updating all things in the system. I can estimate that I will eventually have 6 to 8 hours of work freed up by the CAM system. Of course, this allows me to focus on what really drives revenue...being in front of a prospect/client or working to get in front of a prospect/client. All in all, I'd be managing my prospecting, book of business, and production on multiple spreadsheets with a limited degree of success without the CAM system. "

Randy Black
Financial Advisor


"The CAM System has proven to be the perfect tool to help me develop and coach my agents. I have "real time" information on their activity and inventory so I can see what they are doing well or where they may need improvement....I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend the CAM System whether you are an agent or running an agency."

Thomas P Hajny, CLU, ChFC, CFP
Managing Partner
Cornerstone Financial


"Our agency implemented the CAM System and the results have been excellent! The CAM System has allowed our producers to organize their prospects and business activities, and at the same time allows our management team to access useful reports for our coaching and study groups."

John Natoli, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CMFC, CLF
Capstone Partners Financial & Insurance Services


"The CAM System has provided a systematic way of keeping on top of all of my cases regardless of where they are at in the sales process. It has become invaluable in coordinating with my assistants and I'm certain this tool is going to have a long term positive impact on my business."

Greg Harvey,
MassMutual top 20 producer


Our firm does a significant amount of joint work between Advisors. The CAM System has made it so much easier for Advisors to track the cases they are working on together which in turn builds trust and a culture of joint work for the benefit of the client. It has also reinforced our veteran Advisors on the importance of adding new clients. Finally, for those building a firm, there is no better way I know of to make sure that everyone is on the same page, and the CAM provides an evidence based system of tracking the key activities that not only build a practice, but a firm.

Jim Mullinix,
Managing Partner Triune Financial


"I really love this software.  I am using it to keep track of my short and long term inventory as well as the value of my active clients.  Very few people are aware of their active client count and value, and I feel privileged to have this valuable tool."

Carl Williams,
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network


"I made Million Dollar Roundtable for the first time in 2012, and I couldn't have done it without the CAM System!

Rey Marquez


"The CAM System has changed the way we manage our new associates. It has helped them to keep focused on the right behaviors necessary to succeed in the business ..... with clarity and confidence."

Joseph DiLeo
General Agent, MassMutual


“The CAM system has been integrated into our office as a tool to gauge activity levels of my junior associate to quantify the necessary components of his success. As an avid believer and user of the client builder system for over 30 years, I am pleased with the ease of interface and reporting capabilities CAM provides for my Friday staff and results meeting. Designed by the best, this is a wonderful practice management system.” -

Douglas R Peete,
17 year Top of Table Member
Past President Top of the Table