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Career Coaching

The world of a financial representative is filled with highs and lows. The emotional swing from the exhilaration of the sale to the anxiety over the unrelenting need for prospecting seems to never stop. How can you position yourself as the trusted financial advisor and at the same time not be overwhelmed by an unending stream of new products, requirements and competitors? How do you stay clear and focused while dealing with the seemingly endless demands upon your time and energy? Maybe I can help.


My background and experience are a bit unique. After I earned my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, I began a 20 year period as a psychotherapist specializing in stress and stress related disorders. You might think that my expertise with stress management is what led me into the financial services world, but it was actually somewhat by chance. My life insurance agent knew that I also had an MBA degree and decided to mention my name to his General Agent as a possible candidate to moderate "Client Builder" meetings.


Since then, I have conducted thousands of these meetings and have worked closely with hundreds and hundreds of agents on all aspects of their career development. I have been involved in almost all aspects of the business including writing, training, consulting, speaking and personal coaching. I guess you could describe me as a Psychologist who understands the business. I believe that I not only understand the personal pressures of the business, but perhaps more importantly, the systems, behaviors and business processes necessary for enduring success. I understand how the principles of psychology can be practically applied for optimal achievement.


If you are looking for someone who has seen and believes how great this career can be, someone who understands the psychology of client building and the importance of accountability, someone who will be dedicated to your success, then we should talk. I can only work with a limited number of select people, but if you are serious about making further steps in earning the freedom that this career offers then contact me and we can discuss your situation as well as the logistics and costs of working together.